The N9 is NovaStar’s high-performance seamless switcher that integrates video processing, image mosaic, transition effects and multi-screen display capabilities. With invisible layer editing process, the N9 sends the images to LED screen smoothly by one button press, which is ideal for various applications, such as intermediate and high-end rental, stage control, media centers, big conference sites, exhibition sites, concerts and command centers.

The N9 features powerful video signal receiving and processing abilities, and supports up to 9 input sources at the same time. In addition, the N9 supports up to 4K×2K@60Hz input resolution and at most 7 layers. Four pairs of DVI output connectors can be used for mosaic output, and the connectors in each pair output the same content.

What’s more, a single N9 unit can load an up to 8KK screen, and multiple N9 units can be linked to load a super-large screen. The N9 can work with NovaStar’s C1 event controller and V-Can smart control software, allowing for richer screen mosaic effects and easier operation.



  • Industry-standard video input connectors:
    • 1x DP 1.2
    • 1x DP 1.1
    • 2x HDMI 1.3
    • 4x DVI
    • 1x 3G-SDI (IN-LOOP)


  • Offers 7 more input sources when working with a VE7 video input expander
  • 4 pairs of DVI connectors for mosaic output
    • Connectors in each pair output the same content. A maximum of 4 connectors can be used for mosaic output.
    • The mosaic layout can be 4×1, 1×4 or 2×2.
    • The maximum loading capacity can reach 8,800,000 pixels and the maximum mosaic width or height can be up to 8192 pixels.
    • Supports 4 single-link connectors or 2 dual-link connectors for mosaic output.
  • 7x Layers
    • Each layer supports cross-connector output.
    • Layer keying, cloning, mirroring and Z-order sorting are supported.
    • Input source cropping is supported.
  • Customized BKG settings
    • Supports loading BKG images from the control computer or C1 event controller.
    • Pure color BKG and BKG images are both supported.
    • Supports capturing of any input source or PGM image, and the captured image can be used as BKG image.
    • 32x Presets for easy use in future
    • EDID management
      Supports input resolution management for DVI, HDMI and DP connectors.
  • Display control and transition effects
    • Screen FTB or freeze by one button press
    • Supports multiple transition effects and transition duration settings.
  • HDMI connector for output monitoring
    • Supports monitoring of all input sources, PVW and PGM.
    • Supports displaying of input resolution and frame rate.
  • 2x AUX outputs for connecting auxiliary display devices such as teleprompters
  • Multiple operation modes
    • N9 front panel
    • V-Can
    • C1 event controller
  • Genlock synchronization or synchronization with any input source, achieving output vertical synchronization










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